Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Did They See Excerpt: The First Glimpse

This is an excerpt from the first chapter: Nicholas: The First Glimpse:

We finally reached the beach. The sand shuffled under our shoes. The breeze created waves on the blue water. It was still sunny, but gray clouds began to cover the sky. The seagulls were talking to each other in the way they do. We searched for a spot to build our sandcastles. While Robert kept looking, I looked at the vast marshland. I could see the distant wooden cross that stood in the mud. The mud that had trapped the carriage and Nathaniel’s body. They couldn’t get either out. I wondered would they ever try again.

Past the site was Eel Marsh Island. The trees covered up the large stone house where the Drablows used to live. The sky over the island was a dark gray and spooky. It was like Heaven was showing that the place was forever cursed and no one should come there. No one had been on the island since Mr. & Mrs. Drablow went to India after the accident. But they would come back. Every time they would leave the house or come back to it, they would pass their son. The son they took care of. The son they took from her. 

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