Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The only way things will get easier is if we make it easy. Stop looking for the negative and  concentrate on the positive. Calm your mind by writing your fears and desires, your wants and don't wants. It seems hard but it's not. As someone who loves to write (stories and poems), I'm surprised I just started utilizing this.
After watching this, I asked for things. I asked for my neighbors to be quiet without asking them. It happened. They were real quiet. They are pretty noisy most of the time but this time.....sweet silence. I started keeping a journal of gratitude and of things that I asked and received. I've noticed that I have received a lot. Start keeping record of what you received.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Got me looking so crazy right now

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is coming. Real soon. I wonder how many people are staying home during the month of February because I expect, no, I sense approaching tomfoolery. 

The fans are already ecstatic. The haters or dislikers: I have no idea what they are going to do which is even more unsettling. Hormones will be off the charts even more than usual Valentine's Day. Get your bomb shelters ready, people.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giving Life: The Documentary

There is a YouTuber who goes by the name of SugarFreeTv. This woman is a joy and inspiration to be beheld by all. She is doing a documentary and is asking for funds to bring this project to life (hey hey LOL).

The details are in her video. Check her out. Check out her other videos. If you are an open minded soul, you will like her.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I DON'T CARE! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! If you didn't care, then why.....

Have you ever seen or heard certain comments like the first part of the title? This is pretty much deals with the virtual world like YouTube. You see a comment like this on a certain video, an article. These comments are mostly on ones pertaining to an illustrious celebrity. These are pretty much the ones getting a lot of thumbs, depending on what the video is about. I look at these comments and ask myself the latter part of this blog's title. The titles of these videos and posts usually tell you in a few words what it's about. If it is so unimportant, why click on it? Why bother leaving your opinion, if it is irrelevant to you?

An good example would be that of the Kardashians. I hear people talk about them a lot and usually the "I don't care" is in the conversation as well as "Why are they famous?" and other questions similar to that. They are famous because you give them attention. You go to videos and posts and even though you say they are unimportant to you. You bring them up everywhere even when what is being discussed has no relevance. I remember seeing a comment on a video featuring a song by composer James Horner. The person had brought up Justin Bieber (you know the regular cracks about him). What does Justin Bieber have to do with James Horner. Those same type of people are the same ones that ask "Why is he so famous?" or say "I don't care." Yeah....sure.

What Did They See & The Lovers teasers

These are two teasers for the stories I am currently working on. The former will be coming out soon. The latter is a special one that I am very proud of but I am still working on.

What Did They See? The Children's Stories: Twelve chapters, twelve stories told by the ghosts of the children who fell victim to the menacing specter of doom, darkness, and death: The Woman in Black.

The LoverS: A story about two people who are on a journey to discover their origins and break the spells placed upon them. "Once the Fruit has been eaten, the Journey begins." is a reference to the Garden of Eden. The Fruit is the Fruit of Knowledge. After it has been eaten, a journey begins once the knowledge has been acquired.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm feeling very wise so I have some words of wisdom....

Quotes from the psyche:

Beautiful and ugly are words that are meant to describe more than just the physical.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

There are various, unique types of beauty. If a type does not meet the criteria of one, that doesn't mean that type is ugly.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

A fairy tales is the fruit born of Fantasy & Reality. The story may seem imaginative, but it most likely was inspired by a real event that could happen and the lessons and morals should be acknowledged and applied to life.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

When Love & Soul come together, Eden is born. A place of joy & pleasure that is earthly and divine.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

Art is envisioned and created. The words of writing, the scenes of a film/show/painting/photo, the lyrics and music of songs, etc. are art. If people like it, then the art was made for them. If people do not, then it was not made for them. They can exit, stage left.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

Feelings like attraction are not choices, but to give into it is.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.

I don't believe that we come into this world gay, straight, Black, White, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, etc. All those labels are self-claimed or given to us along the road of life in this world.
-Kevin Tyrone Blake.